Calculation & Analysis

of entire drivetrains

General an detailed calculations in the following areas:

Mechanics Kinematics Dynamics
Tribology Thermals Lifetime

Find, calculate and analyze the optimal components for your drivetrain.

From the application via the transmission up to the engine, always the optimal components.


due to webbased architecture

Due to operating-system-independence full compatibility with:

Windows phone Mac OS Windows
Linux Android iOS

No installation nedessary.

No administrator rights required.

Immense database

with thousands of components

Transmission database with more than 5,000 entries

Bevel gears Planetary gears Worm gears
Robot gears Bevel spur gears Industrial gears

Database with more than 1,600 motors of reputable manufacturers:

Siemens Beckhoff AMK
Tecnotion Bosch Rexroth Kollmorgen
Lenze Bobolowski

Database extension by another custom motors.

Perfect usability

and straight design

Perfect file management due to proven Explorer structure.

Comprehensive quick help with more than 700 declarations.

Wizards for the quick, easy and targeted selection of the optimal components.

Easy handling through structured and clear structure.

Effective file sharing through the mapping of company networks.

Detailed documentation

for technicians and engineers

Detailed documentation as PDF, including all relevant values and intermediate results.

Manual definition of the documentation content possible.

Direct request for quotation at a keystroke.

Training & Support

For the optimal calculation of drivetrains

We gladly support you with the design of your drivetrain.

Futhermore we offer training for individuals and companies.

Please feel free to contact us in case of questions and comments.

Gearfox Specification

7 applications

Linear & rotative

Versatile mechanical calculation models for mapping almost all practical applications.

Belt drive Screw drive Rack & pinion drive
Turntable drive Linear motor drive
Telescopic drive Direct input

Kinematics & Dynamics

for perfect innovation

Mathematical determinations of kinematic motion profiles up to polynomial functions 5th order.

Simple handling of complex normed motion profiles:

Simple sine wave Inclined sine wave
Modified sine wave Polynomial 5th order
Modified trapezoidal acceleration

Preparation of individual motion segments to build complex custom cycles.

Dynamic calculations including time-varying external loads to determine:

Modified trapezoidal acceleration Torque Speed
Moment of inertia Force Velocity
Mass Ratio of moments of inertia

Statistical Averages

For the optimal component selection

Identification fo mathematical statistics to consider and evaluate the selected components regarding usage and lifetime:

Arithmetic Quadratic Equivalent

Transmission analysis

For the detailed calculation

Unlimited integration of transmission within the drivetrain.

Basic consideration and calculation of transmissions:

Torque Speed
Moment of inertia Power

Determination of the efficiency in continous and cyclic operations.

Calculation of the bearing- and gear-lifetime in operation hours and load cycles, according to the underlying Wöhler stress-number curves.

Definition and consideration of external transmission loads.

Tribological analysis the emerging power losses:

Gearing Bearing Sealing Lubrication

Thermal calculation including the determination of the transmission tempearture in S1-operations and cyclic applications.

Selection and examination of different cooling options:

Heat sink Housing fan Forced ventilation

Automatic extrapolation of temperature for cyclic operations.

Transmission database with more than 5,000 entries

Transmission-Wizard for the fast and simple selection of the optimal gears through specific filters:

Torque utilization Ratio Backlash
Gear class Output execution
Input execution Shaft position and direction of rotation

Motor analysis

To finalize your drivetrain

Automated comparison of the motor- and application-characteristics to ensure the optimal motor selection.

Determination of the moment of inertia ratio.

Motor Wizard with more than 1,600 motors of reputable manufacturers:

Siemens Beckhoff AMK Tecnotion Bosch Rexroth
Kollmorgen Lenze Bobolowski


To store your results

Professional, multi-page documentation of all Gearfox results.

Specification of all relevant intermediate results.

Illustration of all diagrams, optimized for black/white printing.

Output in standard PDF format.

Custom limitation of the print contents.


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